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In order to get a residency in Govt. Institutes of Punjab, candidates need to apply in Punjab Residency Program (PRP) | Central Induction Policy (CIP). Its an online process i.e. candidates need to fill the form online on the official Website of PRP. Foreign Candidates and candidates from provinces other than Punjab can also apply against fixed quota.

Seats Distribution
Merit Criteria
Documents Required

CIP Calculator:

We Designed CIP Calculator order to help the candidates calculate their aggregate before applying in Punjab Residency Program / Central Induction Policy. Candidates can compare their aggregates with the last merit of particular specialty in last induction and make particular choices while applying for Residency.

Pakistani Graduates FCPS/MD/MS
Foreign Graduates / Foreign Nationals FCPS/MD/MS/MDS/FCPS Dentistry
Pakistani Graduates FCPS Dentistry/MDS

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Recent Induction:

Dec. 19 – Jan. 2020 Induction:

  • Applications started on 17th Jan. 2020 and closed on 23rd Jan. 2020.
  • Grievance committee meetings were held on Monday (3rd February 2020), Tuesday (4th February 2020) and Thursday (6th February, 2020) at KEMU from 9:00am to 11:00am.
  • On 7th Feb. 2020, many candidates reported that, 5 marks for attempt have been deducted from their aggregate. Many of them lodged the complaint. Helpline officials told them that there is a change in policy this time and that the new policy will be updated on official website.
  • On 8th Feb. 2020, they updated this message on their official website: “As per the directions from Specialized Healthcare and Medical Education department, No marks will be awarded for attempts to any candidate. In previous inductions, 1 mark was given to each local graduate student for clearing each year of MBBS in 1st attempt and 1.66 marks was given to each foreign graduate student for clearing each NEB paper in 1st attempt.”
  • On 8th Feb. 2020, they updated aggregate lists. These aggregate lists were displayed for the purpose of verification i.e. every candidate can check his/her aggregate and report the matter in case of any issue.
    1. These lists only showed aggregate of each candidate. These were not final merit lists.
    2. These aggregate marks were out of 92.5 (not 100) i.e. 5 marks for attempt and 2.5 for parent institute were excluded.
  • Following were the aggregate lists:
    1. See the first aggregate lists
    2. See the second aggregate lists
  • First list was announced on 17th Feb. 2020. This time lists were open and results of quota seats was also announced along with open merit seats. Grievance committee was again held on 19th Feb. 2020. See 1st complete merit lists
  • Second List was announced on 21st Feb. 2020. Grievance committee to be held on 24th Feb. 2020. See 2nd complete merit lists
1st Merit List Statistics
FCPS: Punjab
MD: Punjab
MS: Punjab
MDS: Punjab
FCPS Dentistry: Punjab
Only Quota List
2nd Merit List Statistics
MD: Hospital Wise: Punjab
MD: Specialty Wise: Punjab
MS: Specialty Wise: Punjab
MS: Hospital Wise: Punjab
FCPS: Specialty Wise: Punjab
FCPS: Hospital Wise: Punjab
FCPS Dentistry: Specialty Wise: Punjab
FCPS Dentistry: Hospital Wise: Punjab
MDS: Specialty Wise: Punjab
MDS: Hospital Wise: Punjab
Only Quota List
Comparative Statistics
These will be uploaded later.


Merit lists of all the previous Inductions are given in this post

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